Square 9 Softworks, the developer of highly intuitive, award-winning document management software, and dtSearch, a leader in document filters and developer text retrieval, announce a new development in Square 9’s SmartSearch Document Management product line. All new SmartSearch installations will automatically include the GlobalSearch feature, enabling secure Intranet access to SmartSearch repositories, including embedded dtSearch Engine functionality for browser-based searching.

Square 9’s SmartSearch Document Management software fits the needs of any organization with its easily customizable interface. SmartSearch addresses common business problems “out of the box,” including solutions for accounts payable, employee onboarding, contract management, case management and much more. SmartSearch easily scales from a small business application to an enterprise solution. With its modular design, SmartSearch not only “scales up” but also “scales out” with enterprise class tools for web forms management and workflow automation.

Square 9’s GlobalSearch platform extends the reach of a SmartSearch installation by delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents from any browser or mobile device. Mobile users can search a single repository or across an entire database quickly and easily, locating exactly what they need. With their documents in hand, GlobalSearch users can securely take whatever action necessary to continue the flow of business information. Features include not only complete navigation and editing, but also automated routing, automatic notification and granular document security.

The dtSearch Engine makes available to developers dtSearch’s proprietary document filters and instant searching across terabytes of data. Supported data types include databases; static and dynamic web data; and “Office,” PDF, HTML, XML, ZIP, emails (with nested attachments) and other popular file types. The product offers 25+ fielded and full-text search options, with hit-highlighting in all above data formats. The dtSearch Engine includes APIs (including 64-bit) for .NET, Java, C++, SQL, etc., with SDKs for Windows and Linux, and a new Android version in beta.