Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of components for creating reports, announces the release of two new reporting tools – Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile and Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT. These products are grouped into a product line Stimulsoft Mobile Reports.

Anatoly Kondratovich, a senjor programmer says: “Modern mobile devices accommodate a huge number of applications. Now it is difficult to imagine an advanced person without a tablet PC or smartphone. We want our customers to be able to remotely control the process of their business. Fortunately, these innovative devices allow this, so we designed Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile!”

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile is a reporting tool written in HTML5. The main purpose of the product is working with reports on mobile devices. The product has a set of components that allow creating business applications for tablets, smartphones, and to perform data at its best. Powerful set of tools allows a developer to design complex reports. The product is easy to use for both developers and end-users.

The detailed description of the product can be found on the Stimulsoft website.

“We are happy when the computer world is enriched with new operating systems as it inspires the developers to design new application.” – says Anton Lozovsky, a manager of the Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT project. “With the Windows 8 release, we present Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT – the first reporting tool that extends our product range and corresponds to the highest quality and performance.”

The reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT for Windows 8 is designed for the Touch technology! Stimulsoft developers offer multi-touch interface for viewing reports. This makes work with reports more comfortable and ergonomic. The software product is endowed with a powerful report designer with an outstanding set of tools to design reports. This reduces time of their creation and provides an easy way to build them for ordinary users who are not developers. The second part of the product is the report viewer which has a typical interface for all Windows 8 applications.

The detailed description of the product on the company´s website:
The Demo application of Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT is available in the Windows AppStore: