Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of components for creating reports, announces the release of the version 2012.2 of the Stimulsoft Reports.Fx product line, which includes reporting tools for Flex, PHP and Java.

Starting with version 2012.2 Stimulsoft Reports.Fx products store all database connections strings as encrypted in the report. This improvement solves the problem with unauthorized access to the database through the report contents. The long-expected sending e-mail from the report viewer is now available from the WebViewerFx component. The user can send a report to the PDF, XPS, Excel formats and others.

Starting with version 2012.2 all packages in the Stimulsoft Reports.Fx products are digitally signed.

In the new version drill-down reports is added. It means that some report elements can be displayed in detail by clicking on them. Thus, the new report will be rendered in a separate tab, which will display the detailed data.

To extend the reports functionality in the new version Stimulsoft developers radically redesigned the RequestFromUser option for variables. It became possible to use report range variables. For example, the developer can use the parameters of the date range. This enhancement simplifies work with reports with parameters.

“Do you want to be the best? Be him!” – says Vladimir Hotchenko, a head of the development department. “This is a very simple rule, and we try to follow it. We have no restrictions in the development of reporting tools; all that is required for us is to make our software faster, more comfortable and functional. With each update we are one step closer to the excellence. But excellence cannot be achieved, so, therefore, we will continue to improve further.”

The list of changes is not limited to the ones described above. Read more in detail about other version 2012.2 changes at

A large number of examples of new videos have been added on the company´s website and its own channel on YouTube. In the videos one can see the issues that are most interesting to users, and highlights the problems that arise when developing reports. You can watch video tutorials at