Master Performance Testing with Neotys Software teams developing web and mobile applications often struggle to provide adequate load and performance testing.  Without adequate testing, apps freeze, user experiences suffer and it can be hard to find tools that get the job done within the timeframe of a typical Agile iteration. Using Neotys’ next-generation load and … continue reading


Parasoft Enables Continuous Testing Accelerating the pace of the SDLC means supporting agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with continuous testing. That’s why the majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft to help them reduce defects. Parasoft enables Continuous Testing by preventing defects with their Development Testing Platform (DTP) and allowing organizations to … continue reading


Get Testing Right with Orasi Software quality remains a challenge. As software teams move toward agile practices and as mobile apps become more strategic to software strategies, toolsets and processes have to evolve. More than 1,800 software organizations around the world rely on Orasi’s on-site training programs, software consulting services, and the best-of-breed solutions to … continue reading


Tricentis: Testing at Agile Speed Enterprise software teams can deliver higher quality software faster when their agile development and continuous integration efforts are supported by continuous testing capabilities. Using Tricentis’ Tosca Testsuite, QA teams can automate their tests, tie tests to business value and realize a 10X improvement in software testing. “Our solutions improve software … continue reading


TechExcel Enables Total Traceability Organizations building complex or regulated products need to ensure those products adhere to all requirements through development, testing, and release. Manufacturers, game developers, software companies and leaders across industries rely on TechExcel’s DevSuite to provide the total traceability and product quality they need. “Traditionally, our customers have primarily been software companies … continue reading


Zephyr Enables Agile Transformation As development teams become more agile, testing teams must be able to create and execute tests faster, despite their growing complexity. Using Zephyr’s real-time test management solutions, agile, waterfall, and hybrid teams can view changes made to requirements, test cases, assignments, executions, defects, and documents in real-time so they can make … continue reading


LogiGear Streamlines Test Automation Enterprise testing teams are under constant pressure to accomplish more, on a larger scale and in less time. To keep pace with faster release cycles and the ever-changing mix of device and environmental configurations, they need a test automation solution that simplifies the creation and maintenance of tests. Using LogiGear’s tools, … continue reading


Catch Software Improves QA Outcomes Software teams that want to avoid project failure, unnecessary rework and unforeseen costs can’t afford to sacrifice product quality for speed.  Around the globe, development, quality and test professionals are using Catch Software’s test management software, execution, and integration tools to improve their overall effectiveness. “Enterprise teams are incredibly passionate … continue reading

The Software Test and QA Sourcebook

The world of software development has been changing at a rapid pace. Testing practices and processes, though, have struggled to keep up. That’s because the rigorous standards testers apply to software don’t work in a “We need it out the door NOW” environment. The battle of quality vs. time-to-market has never been as pitched as … continue reading


Appvance Redefines QA Productivity Modern enterprise applications are expected to provide great user experiences. Unfortunately, QA teams lack the time and tools they need to ensure the exceptional performance end users demand. Unlike older tools built for yesterday’s applications and architectures, Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is designed for HTML 5 and other modern enterprise applications that … continue reading Protection Status