Sympli, a tool that enables quick and easy design handoff and collaboration between mobile and web designers and front-end developers has launched the Visual Design Comparison Tool, an innovative new feature that further simplifies the design and development process. The new feature compares any two versions of the design side-by-side and automatically highlights the changes.

The Visual Design Comparison Tool makes additions, deletions, and other updates immediately obvious to the eye. This eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth between designers and developers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and increasing the teams’ productivity.

When more than one version of a design has been uploaded to Sympli, clicking the “Browse Changes” button opens the Visual Design Comparison Tool. Users simply select the design versions they want to compare side-by-side and click on the highlighted regions to see the details of the changes.

“This feature is like GitHub’s diff but is focused on design specs,” said Max Ignatyev, founder of Sympli. “Our ultimate goal is to develop tools that help designers and developers work together faster and more accurately. The Visual Design Comparison Tool allows designers to save time explaining changes and developers to save time identifying changes in a design with minimal effort.”

Launched in April of this year, Sympli has already seen adoption soar amongst design and development teams at top organizations around the world. With Sympli, spec creation and design handoff takes one click and design implementation has never been faster. The Visual Design Comparison Tool reinforces Sympli’s claim to be the best and most robust design handoff tool on the market.

One team that relies on Sympli to simplify their workflow processes is the Visa design team. According to Visa product designer Jonathan Yap, who has been using Sympli for several months, the tool “acts as a source of truth to pass along the most accurate and latest design to the developers.” Further, the Visa design team views Sympli as “a mechanism to ensure consistency by providing developers with the most accurate and latest designs during the implementation stage. It also helps because it hosts comments, feedback, and notes in context within the design.”

“Sympli provides a single portal to retrieve the most accurate, up-to-date version of the design, which minimizes the possibility of inconsistencies,” said Yap.