Syncfusion, Inc., a developer solutions company, announced the release of Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 2014, Volume 1, the first major update to its components in 2014. In response to the increasing use of JavaScript in line-of-business applications, this release features dozens of new JavaScript tools and numerous updates to its current lineup.

At the forefront of Volume 1 are 27 new JavaScript libraries designed specifically for mobile development. They provide solutions for a variety of development requirements, including specialized tools for navigation and data visualization. All are compatible with the popular Knockout JavaScript library, allowing them to work seamlessly with current development projects. Windows, Android, and iOS themes are built into every library to emulate the appearance of native apps.

“The mobile and HTML 5-based JavaScript libraries we’ve added in Volume 1 make it the only package that prepares business developers for the mobile environment,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “Our customers are looking for ways to build applications that run across different devices and platforms, and JavaScript and HTML are great for that.”

Volume 1 also features additional JavaScript libraries for HTML 5-based web development, including new Gantt, diagram, and schedule controls. All new libraries are built on HTML 5 to provide optimum client-side performance and compatibility with the latest web standards. Each library features extensive customization options to deliver the best possible user experience, and supports touch interaction to accommodate the latest devices.

Many of the JavaScript libraries previously released by Syncfusion have also been updated to match the functionality included in its .NET component suites. The Chart library for JavaScript, for example, features new axes, smart labels, and more, while the OLAP JavaScript libraries have added support for filtering, sorting, localization, and several new chart types.

Syncfusion continues to improve its offering of WinRT controls with new features in its PDF viewer, report viewer, and data grid components. All Syncfusion WinRT controls function in the diverse environment of Windows 8 desktops and tablets, and will continue to do so following the latest Windows 8.1 update. This allows developers to use the newest features of the platform alongside Syncfusion components.

Interactive demos of many Syncfusion JavaScript controls are available at, and all Syncfusion JavaScript libraries and .NET components are available in Essential Studio Enterprise Edition, which can be downloaded as a 30-day trial at