Syncfusion, Inc., a developer solutions company, today announced the release of Essential Studio 2013 Volume 3. The new version adds a complete set of JavaScript frameworks, Microsoft LightSwitch compatibility, and more options for enterprise development on mobile devices. Syncfusion has the only set of client-side JavaScript controls built specifically for complex enterprise development including grids, charts, and other essential UI components.
“Enterprise JavaScript applications are a major focus area for our customers. Building quality client-side applications that thrill business users is hard work,” said Syncfusion’s Vice President, Daniel Jebaraj.  “With this release, we make this target much easier to achieve. We have been working on this framework for a long time; many of our customers already use aspects of the framework in their applications.”
Essential Studio 2013 Volume 3 includes a powerful data grid for Windows Phone. The Grid control for WinRT is also enhanced with several newfeatures such as nested grids and incremental loading. Nested grids simplifynavigation and organization for large amounts of data by enabling users to group grid items within one another. The addition of incremental loading drastically improves performance by quickly loading large data sets as needed.
“With Windows 8.1 on the horizon, many customers are looking to leverage their current expertise to ship applications that work on Windows tablets. Essential Studio for WinRT makes this a predictable process, greatly reducing time spent on discovery and learning the platform,” said Jebaraj.
Highlights in Volume 3 include the following:
· Microsoft LightSwitch support: Many existing Essential Studio controls such as the DataGrid, Chart, and Diagram are now compatible with LightSwitch to help power data-driven business apps.
· Essential Diagram for WinRT: Control used to create feature-rich diagrams for Windows Store applications transitioned from beta to final version.
· Interactive chart series and data points: Additional controls now available in WinRT, Windows Phone, WPF, and Silverlight suites.
· Enhanced Schedule control: Essential Schedule, an Outlook calendar-like scheduler control, is updated with sub-resources for WinRT, WPF, and Silverlight suites.
· Adobe PDF portfolio: Improvements to Essential PDF enable users to create and modify Adobe PDF portfolios.
A complete overview of the new features for each platform is available on Syncfusion’s What’s New page. For a full evaluation of Essential Studio 2013 Volume 3, download the free 30-day trial from