SyncFusion has released Essential Studio 2011 Volume 1, a set of ASP.NET MVC 3-compatible tools with support for the Razor View Engine and already extant support for ASPX. The company also has introduced an editor control for Silverlight that enables rich-text editing and Word import and export. Other key new features include support for Excel formula computation (even without Excel); support for the creation of Excel pivot tables; advanced interactive pivot grid configuration; and Visual Studio 2010 themes for Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms, the company said.

Telerik has released a beta of its RadControls for Windows Phone 7. The general release is set for this month. Three new controls—Gauge, JumpList and ListBox—debut in this release. Gauge gives users a tool for building dashboards or displaying graphical indicators; JumpList is a control that mirrors the native control found in the Windows Phone 7 operating system; and ListBox replaces the standard ListBox control. The company said the control suite, originally released in October 2010, allows existing .NET and Silverlight skills to be leveraged in mobile application development. Drawing on the platform’s GPU hardware acceleration, RadControls facilitates faster, smoother transitions running directly on the device hardware, yet calibrated for optimal battery life management. There are 17 components available as part of the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7 beta. Aside from the new components above, they include a Transition Control for creating sophisticated transitions that don’t detract from the user experience; Animation Framework that eases creation of animations either in code or via XAML; and Panel and Window controls for seamless layout design and customization, according to the company.