Applausethe digital experience testing, usability and research company, today announced that Syύs, a leader in easy-to-use, data-powered software tools to improve the performance of surgical services, has extended its partnership with Applause as part of its strategy and commitment to solution quality.  Syύs uses experts in data, digital technology, healthcare system processes and surgical environments from within Applause’s global community of more than 250,000 professional testers to make sure Syύs solutions work as intended for their healthcare customers.

The relationship means operating room surgical teams utilizing Syύs solutions will continue to experience improved efficiencies with each release while simultaneously increasing satisfaction for both patients and staff.  Applause program managers and testers work closely with the internal team at Syύs to review data regarding doctor calendars, equipment availability and operating room schedules from disparate and sometimes proprietary systems to ensure the data accurately matches and synchronizes with the information underpinning the Syύs scheduling and analytics platform.   Syύs solutions are transformative for surgical teams, executives and hospital staff with the power to improve the availability and quality of patient care. Solution quality assurance (QA) is a fundamental imperative and Applause is at the center of Syus’ QA process.

“Applause is a key part of what we do, working with them is like having a direct extension of our internal test team,” said Kevin O’Hara, CEO of Syύs.  “Because they understand the real world and conditions where our customers work, they comprehend the context and critical nature of the decisions our customers make using our solution every day.  Applause testing adds a layer of confidence to our ability to deliver high quality actionable digital solutions.  We’re pleased to extend our partnership with them, because it’s ultimately operating room teams and patients who benefit from our highly accurate and reliable offerings.”

Syύs began as an internal effort to improve staffing efficiency at a leading anesthesia practice. Practice leaders and physicians believed staffing decisions for the OR ought to be driven by data and not anecdotal evidence alone. They developed patented data-driven tools to handle more cases in less time, and began to use these tools with their hospital partners. In 2011, Syύs became an independent company to focus on meeting the needs of hospitals and health systems.

“Successful technology providers understand that their solutions need to function in the real world under conditions that aren’t always ideal with users who don’t always behave the way their engineers planned,” said Applause Vice President of Product Delivery, Chris Munroe. “This is especially true for the solutions provided by Syύs, for which the stakes are incredibly high. Syύs is succeeding because it is listening to medical professionals, looking at the real data and providing solutions that make surgical teams more efficient.”

“Working with Applause helps us deliver the highest quality versions of our solutions to surgical teams around the country,” added Laura Reynolds, VP or Operations for Syύs. “And the better our solutions, the better the results for patients. That’s what Applause helps Syύs do.”