Topic: agile

Analyst Watch: Water-Scrum-fall is the reality of agile

Agile practices are melding a bit with more traditional processes, so here is what you need to know to get by … continue reading

Finding the right tool for the agile job

Experts emphasize that tools should bolster the agile process above all else … continue reading

Agile processes adopted widely, study shows

BZ Research analysis indicates nearly three-quarters of enterprise development involve some of these methodologies … continue reading

Industry Watch: Going agile isn’t so agile

Tamara Sulaiman Runyon has developed a framework for helping organizations steadily adopt agile practices … continue reading

Perforce gives agile teams control over codeline workflows

New “streams” feature enhances aid in branching and merging project workflows … continue reading

In search of the perfect Scrum adoption

Companies are still looking to adopt Scrum, but tailoring its principles inhibits necessary cultural shift, co-creator says … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: Microsoft has no reason to save Mono

Readers question why Microsoft would even want to save Mono, and why agile games are good for agile teams … continue reading

Telerik building feedback portal for TeamPulse

Users of agile management system will be able to request features, check on their progress … continue reading

Agile: Just the way things are done

Analysts say process should no longer be a buzzword, but the accepted method for developing quality software … continue reading

The Agile Manifesto revisited on a park bench

At Agile 2011, the founders of the movement talk about where the process has been and where it may be heading next … continue reading

Moving software architects into the business analyst role

As software development practices continue to evolve, people skills will become critical for architects … continue reading

Applying lean practices to application development

Waste is considered the No. 1 drag on companies’ bottom lines, which lean practices seek to address … continue reading

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