Topic: agile

The what—and why—of going agile

Advice for switching to the agile methodology can be summed up like this: “Look before you leap.” … continue reading

It’s time to change… but how?

Don’t be intimidated by changing times; there are ways you can alter your business practices to keep pace … continue reading

A road map in agile product planning

VersionOne adds visual layout features to its Ultimate Edition project management software … continue reading

How to Stop Agile Roadblocks

Zeichick’s Take: Thinking big—as in big projects

Can agile processes, which are good for small and medium-sized projects, handle the kind of projects that mainframes take on? … continue reading

Industry Watch: Continuous delivery

The latest trend in software development processes pushes the concept of continuous integration even further … continue reading

ThoughtWorks Studios unveils new release management platform

Go is an upgrade from the company’s Cruise solution, now enabling “continuous delivery” of software … continue reading

The Design of Design

Andrew Binstock sits down with Fred Brooks to discuss the issues facing software design teams today … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Is Continuous Deployment the next step forward in agile development?

SD Times announces a virtual conference (with Kent Beck being one of three instructors) to examine this phenomenon … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Celestial navigation, driving by GPS and agile development

The old way of software development just doesn’t cut it anymore not that agile is around … continue reading

EssWork process software brings discipline

Based on work by Ivar Jacobson, of the new version of the process platform aims to bring predictability to development … continue reading

Guest View: WetAgile combines agile and waterfall

There are many ways to transition to agile methods. Steve Pieczko talks about how to handle these changes … continue reading

Agile and lean: Better apart or better together?

Mixed terminology and other ambiguities are confusing developers trying to pick between the two … continue reading

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