Topic: agile

EssWork process software brings discipline

Based on work by Ivar Jacobson, of the new version of the process platform aims to bring predictability to development … continue reading

Guest View: WetAgile combines agile and waterfall

There are many ways to transition to agile methods. Steve Pieczko talks about how to handle these changes … continue reading

Agile and lean: Better apart or better together?

Mixed terminology and other ambiguities are confusing developers trying to pick between the two … continue reading

How to Stop Agile Roadblocks

How agile are you?

The more agile is adopted, the more debate there is on what it means to be truly agile, and whether pure beats pragmatic … continue reading

From the Editors: Agile isn’t an all-or-nothing choice

The editors say that shops should go their own way re: agile, and that mobile development gains from two main competitors … continue reading

Guest View: The half-agile path leads nowhere

While businesses are taking on agile and adopting its practices, an incomplete implementation does more harm than good … continue reading

VersionOne extends agile project management solution

VersionOne Ultimate Edition offers a trio of components that push agile functionality out to a client’s customers … continue reading

Seapine adapts TestTrack to support agile processes

Capabilities for creating charges, stories and sprint plans helps organizations move to agile processes … continue reading

Eclipse creates new sub-projects for Mylyn

The sub-projects are designed to help organizations adopt agile ALM, and they will also bring diversity to Mylyn … continue reading

TechExcel’s Agile Studio blends methodologies

The company’s newest tool suite is designed to help development shops employ agile practices as they please … continue reading

CollabNet acquires Danube, ScrumWorks Pro

Agile project management software ties in with CollabNet’s distributed development software for a broad “agile ALM” offering … continue reading

New app-performance software goes for ease of use

AppDynamics, looking to make instrumentation agile-friendly, takes on new event-type monitoring abilities … continue reading

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