Topic: agile

‘Uncle Bob’ Martin revisits the Agile Manifesto

The first in a series where we speak with the writers of the Agile Manifesto, 10 years later … continue reading

Guest View: Agile tablets in the cloud

Agile, Apple and the cloud: Three things that are coming together for a beautiful future. I think … continue reading

Escaping from the “How Long?” time trap

A solid agile implementation requires good time-management and time-tracking skills, which can be hard to develop … continue reading

Scrum Alliance Announces New Membership Policy

New Basic Membership platform widens Scrum Alliance membership pool … continue reading

From the Editors: Agile is dead… as a term

Agile has gained enough acceptance so as to not get special consideration in the press; the Hudson/Jenkins fork is good … continue reading

Agile, lean, and all in between

With software development practices maturing, companies are looking at combinations to maximize efficiency … continue reading

Guest View: The ten best influences on software product engineering

From agile’s growth to social networking, software product engineering underwent a major transformation this past decade … continue reading

Agile leaders reconvene at Snowbird

Gathering will mark anniversary of signing as leaders review how far they’ve come and what needs to be done next … continue reading

Agile and ALM: Banded together

ALM 2.0 is insufficient to meet today’s needs, but infused with agile, it may yet be useful … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Overcoming the challenges of agile adoption

Not every business is prepared to deal with agile development off the bat; here are steps to making it easier to swallow … continue reading

Year in Review: Agile

Experts grappled with finding the best way to become agile. Their conclusion: There is none … continue reading

Year in Review: ALM

Agile and ALM drifted even closer together, and ALM took its first big steps into the cloud … continue reading

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