Topic: agile

Aldon takes on backlog management

Aldon Agile Manager gives agile users the ability to prioritize stories in backlogs and plan releases … continue reading

Agile tools: Adapt or perish

Agile teams still need tools to accomplish their tasks, but won’t want to change their methodologies to accommodate them … continue reading

VersionOne survey finds agile knowledge and use on the rise

Compared to two years ago, developers say they are more acclimated to agile and that their companies use it more often … continue reading

From the Editors: Microsoft 3.0

Ray Ozzie’s tenure as chief software architect was a mixed bag; agile leaders, give your developers a long leash … continue reading

For agile success, leaders must let teams loose

Agile experts emphasize that a good leader directs the team without dominating the members … continue reading

Continuous integration: Not just for agile anymore

Organizations are gleaning good things from continuous integration even if they are using slower methodologies … continue reading

Guest View: Customer confidence hinges on agile schedules

Customers are expecting companies to adopt agile release patterns while maintaining excellent customer support … continue reading

Requirements: How much is enough?

Developers haggle over how much requirements are needed, especially in the face of agile’s growing influence … continue reading

The what—and why—of going agile

Advice for switching to the agile methodology can be summed up like this: “Look before you leap.” … continue reading

It’s time to change… but how?

Don’t be intimidated by changing times; there are ways you can alter your business practices to keep pace … continue reading

A road map in agile product planning

VersionOne adds visual layout features to its Ultimate Edition project management software … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Thinking big—as in big projects

Can agile processes, which are good for small and medium-sized projects, handle the kind of projects that mainframes take on? … continue reading

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