Topic: agile

Letters to the Editor: Balancing the long and short term

A reader wants to keep in mind the greater value of long-term solutions … continue reading

Charting the course to agile

A road map is essential to creating an orderly transition to the methodology, experts say … continue reading

Analyst Watch: How to adapt your skills and staffing for agile and lean

There are many lessons software developers can learn from the automotive industry … continue reading

The role of the developer is changing

The growth of agile, PaaS and other technologies has given the developer more power to work with, and new responsibilities … continue reading

Requirements management… with integrations on the side

From increased collaboration to working with agile, requirements-management tools are facing changes … continue reading

Industry Watch: Oversaturation of options

Microsoft is accommodating many development style and languages in Visual Studio 11, perhaps too many … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: Give superprogrammers their due

Readers disagreed with Larry O’Brien’s assertion that 10X superprogrammers are a myth … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: What kind of Scrum?

A user urges caution when reading surveys about agile use; John McCarthy was remembered for the wrong reason … continue reading

Stay tight on loose coupling

SOA has pushed advances in technology, but until the processes around it improve, its true potential won’t be realized … continue reading

From the Editors: Of course we have predictions

What’s in store for 2012? And what will gesture controls bring to software development? … continue reading

Look what 2011 washed in: Agile’s past and future

Ten years after the Agile Manifesto, the methodology is evolving into things like Kanban and lean … continue reading

The quality of your workday counts!

There are small steps teams can take to improve their daily processes, which leads to greater efficiency … continue reading

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