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Jim Highsmith: Agile Manifesto has served the industry well

Looking back at its creation, the Manifesto cosigner expects agile to embrace continuous integration and enter new industries … continue reading

Ken Schwaber on agile: It pushed success rates beyond 45%

SD Times interviewed the co-creator of Scrum to see why agile improved development practices so dramatically … continue reading

James Grenning on agile: Work still needs to be done

Ahead of the Snowbird reunion, one of the original signatories talks about what kind of lessons developers neeed to learn … continue reading

Manifesto for software craftsmanship, and four dimensions of quality

The Software Craftsmanship movement was born out of the perception that agile methodology wasn’t mindful enough of quality … continue reading

Making a game of agile

Thought games allow teams to visualize their processes and work through issues before setting down to real work … continue reading

Three phases of agility: past, present and future

Agile has reached a tipping point: It will either be subsumed into general working practices, or it will be reinvigorated … continue reading

Ten years after Snowbird, Kent Beck looks down the path for agile

SD Times spoke with the creator of test-driven development and asked him what he would like to see next for the methodology … continue reading

OutSystems updates Agile Platform

A new platform-as-a-service and new features for mobile development have been added … continue reading

Taking an agile page from Amazon’s book

Amazon’s embrace of the cloud means that IT departments must adapt or fall behind the cost curve … continue reading

Industry Watch: Don’t forget the technical side of agile

In response to the growing sense that agile is emphasizing management over coding: the software craftsmanship movement … continue reading

Arie van Bennekum and the Agile Manifesto

DSDM’s Arie van Bennekum talks about what perspective he brought to the meeting at Snowbird 10 years ago … continue reading

‘Uncle Bob’ Martin revisits the Agile Manifesto

The first in a series where we speak with the writers of the Agile Manifesto, 10 years later … continue reading

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