Topic: agile

Analyst Watch: Companies must embrace holistic change to achieve agile results

Five steps for not only adopting agile, but adopting it in the particular way you need it … continue reading

Agile2012 Keynote: Scaling up excellence with Robert Sutton

A shift in mindset is important to successfully scale agile, says Stanford professor … continue reading

Emergn creates work-based learning program for agile development

Value Flow Quality Education program for agile, lean thinking and practices launched at Agile2012 conference … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Vacuum cooking as a metaphor for agile development

Sous-vide as a stand-in for agile? When it comes to picking the right tools for both, the same considerations must be made … continue reading

Tools for Scrum

Seven leading suppliers of agile tools talk Scrum, sharing how their Scrum tool makes development teams more agile … continue reading

Voke: Confusion abounds over how to use agile

Many organizations are diving into agile without clearly understanding it, report says … continue reading

SAFECode guides agile developers in security

Group issues paper listing 36 practices to reduce software security flaws … continue reading

Developer Populism is changing the face of ALM

You don’t have to lose the tenets and techniques of ALM to keep up with your developers’ demands, though … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Transform your software delivery

The pace of business is speeding up software delivery schedules, necessitating the adoption of agile and automation … continue reading

Bridging the manager-developer divide

Agile has the promise of uniting developers and the business side, but developers must be respected … continue reading

How to speed up your Cukes

Using a five-step process derived from Six Sigma, Cucumber tests can go much faster … continue reading

Industry Watch: Testing culture undergoes dramatic shift

Changes in testing, particularly toward increasing automation, are making it more useful to organizations … continue reading

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