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GitLab Duo Chat released as part of GitLab 16.11

GitLab has announced that its AI assistant GitLab Duo Chat is now generally available as part of the GitLab 16.11 release.  GitLab Duo Chat can answer questions about issues, epics, code, errors, CI/CD configurations, or the GitLab platform itself. It can also refactor existing code and generate tests. For instance, a developer onboarding onto a … continue reading

Meta releases the first two Llama 3 models

Meta has revealed the next generation of Llama, which is an open-source large language model (LLM) family developed by the company. The Llama 3 models are considered by Meta to be “the best open source models of their class, period,” the company claimed in a blog post.  It has released the first two models in … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: STORM

STORM is an open-source project that can research and develop a full report of a topic, complete with sources. It originated from a paper out of Stanford.  According to the Stanford researchers, there is a disconnect online between “the vast amounts of accessible information and what an individual can realistically assimilate.” They explained that while … continue reading

Tricentis announces series of AI Copilots for its testing portfolio, starting with Testim Copilot

The testing company Tricentis has just announced the first in a series of AI copilots for its testing portfolio. The first solution is Testim Copilot, which adds AI capabilities to the automated testing platform Testim.  With Testim Copilot, users can input a text description of what they want to test and receive the JavaScript code … continue reading

New legislation would require companies to disclose that they are training AI models on copyrighted work

Last week, California Representative Adam Schiff introduced new legislation that would require companies to be more upfront and transparent with consumers when they train generative AI models using copyrighted work. The Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act would make it so that companies need to submit a notice to the Register of Copyrights before they release … continue reading

OpenAI’s Assistants API update adds new file search tool and ability to set maximum token limits

OpenAI has just announced a few new updates to its Assistants API, which is an API that makes it possible for developers to build AI assistants into their applications.  The API now includes a file search tool that allows up to 10,000 files per assistant, and can enable developers to integrate knowledge retrieval into their … continue reading

JetBrains aims to improve developer productivity with launch of IDE Services

JetBrains is attempting to make it easier for developers to manage different development tools with the release of JetBrains IDE Services.  “Due to complex environments and distributed engineering teams, enterprise customers struggle to efficiently and securely deploy and manage IDEs, AI tools, and remote environments all at once. These struggles naturally slow businesses down and … continue reading

Intel unveils Gaudi 3 processors as part of its AI strategy

At Intel Vision 2024, Intel had a lot to say about AI and what it’s been working on in that area. The company announced a new AI accelerator called Gaudi 3, its plans to collaborate on an open platform for enterprise AI, and next generation processors. Gaudi 3 uses Ethernet to connect tens of thousands … continue reading

Google announces two new variants of Gemma: CodeGemma and RecurrentGemma

Google has announced that it is extending the Gemma family of AI models with two new variants, one for code generation and one for inference.  For code generation, it is releasing CodeGemma, which provides intelligent code completion and generation. It is capable of producing entire blocks of code at a time, Google claims.  According to … continue reading

Microsoft opens AI Hub in London

Microsoft has announced it is creating a new location in London for AI research. This follows the company’s announcement that it had created a new division in the company called Microsoft AI that is focused on building out its commercial AI offerings, such as Copilot. The new location will focus on innovating on large language … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Mojo

Mojo is a programming language designed to combine the performance of C and the usability of Python, for the purposes of AI related initiatives and tasks, which require a high-performance system.  Last week, the company behind Mojo, Modular, announced that it would be open-sourcing the core modules of the language using the Apache 2 license.  … continue reading

JetBrains releases 2024.1 editions of its IDEs, adding support for local full-line autocompletion

JetBrains has announced that in the latest release of its IDEs, 2024.1, it has enabled full-line autocompletion. This is powered by AI models that run locally, which keeps data processing on device.  “We’ve developed models that run directly on your device, and the IDE verifies each suggestion,” explained Mikhail Kostyukov, product manager on the machine … continue reading Protection Status