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Lightbend introduces new version of Akka designed for seamless integration between cloud and edge deployments

Lightbend has announced the latest version of the Akka platform, which is a platform for developing concurrent, distributed applications. With the introduction of Akka Edge, developers will be able to unify applications across cloud and edge environments.  Akka Edge allows developers to build something once and then have it work across multiple environments. It keeps … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Akka

This week’s open-source project of the week wants to help developers build reactive, concurrent and distributed apps. Akka is a toolkit for message-driven Java and Scala apps. According to the team, with the container market expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2020, developers need a programming model for distributed computing. Distributed computing is the technology … continue reading

Plugging in to Hadoop

Even if it’s not where they end up, Hadoop can be a great starting platform for a data-driven software company. That’s what San Francisco- and Taipei-based Fliptop found in 2009 when they launched a social media identity matching engine, ultimately employed by such companies as MailChimp, Dell, Toyota, Oracle and Nordstrom. Based on Amazon Web … continue reading

Scala 2.10 adds macros, aims for Play

New features and focus from Typesafe push the drive for greater adoption … continue reading Protection Status