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Amazon introduces new way to manage authentication in applications

Amazon Verified Permissions centralizes user permissions in a policy store, which developers can then use to authorize those users to perform certain actions in their applications.  According to Amazon, this felt like a necessary feature to create because of the significant effort required to implement authentication in an application. Typically, the logic for authorization happens … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cedar

AWS open-sourced a language called Cedar that enables users to easily create and enforce access control policies.  It provides a unified framework for policy creation and management across multiple clouds, simplifies policy writing, and supports popular authorization models such as role-based and attribute-based access control. Additionally, AWS has adopted a verification-guided development process to ensure … continue reading

Amazon’s new generative AI capabilities work to increase access to AI

The team at Amazon today announced Amazon Bedrock, a service intended to help organizations build and scale generative AI applications. With this release, users gain access to foundation models (FM) from AI startup model providers such as AI21, Anthropic, and Sustainability AI. Amazon Bedrock opens up several FMs from different providers so that AWS customers … continue reading

AWS’ low code serverless app builder enables prototyping

The now generally available AWS Application Composer is a visual builder that enables users to compose and configure serverless applications from AWS services backed by deployment-ready infrastructure as code (IaC). AWS Application Composer allows for building prototypes of serverless applications and collaboratively reviewing them, generating diagrams for documentation or Wikis, and onboarding new team members … continue reading

AWS re:Invent: Amazon CodeCatalyst, AWS Step Functions distributed map, and more

AWS re:Invent is coming to a close today, but the company hasn’t stopped making announcements.  Check here for recaps from the previous days:  Day 1  Day 2 Here are the latest updates from the event:  Amazon previews CodeCatalyst CodeCatalyst is a platform for software developers to plan, develop, collaborate on, build, and deliver applications on … continue reading

AWS re:Invent: OpenSearch Serverless, AWS DataZone, and more

Amazon’s annual technology event AWS re:Invent kicked off on Monday, and throughout the week the company has been making exciting announcements at the event.  The latest highlights from the event include:  Amazon previews OpenSearch Serverless This new offering will enable customers to do analytics on their data without having to manage any of the underlying … continue reading

Amazon announces Neptune Serverless

The team at Amazon today announced Neptune Serverless to help organizations scale automatically as queries and workloads change, working to adjust capacity in increments to provide the correct amount of database resources that an application needs. According to Amazon, this service can be used for development, test, and production workloads as well as to improve … continue reading

AWS announces visual embedding powered by QuickSight

The team at AWS recently announced Fine-Grained Visual Embedding powered by Amazon QuickSight. With this, individual visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards can be embedded into high-traffic webpages and apps. Users are also enabled to provide rich insights for their own end-users where they are most needed, without server or software setup or any infrastructure management.  … continue reading

Amazon provides developers with new resources for building Alexa skills

Amazon is hosting its Alexa Live 2022 conference for developers building skills, which are sort of like applications, for Alexa-powered smart home devices.  According to Amazon, there are hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices in use, and building skills for Alexa provides developers with a good opportunity to engage with those customers in new ways. … continue reading

Elastic and Amazon reach an agreement on trademark infringement lawsuit

It was recently announced that Elastic and Amazon have resolved the trademark infringement lawsuit related to the term Elasticsearch. With this resolution, the only Elasticsearch on AWS and the AWS Marketplace is Elastic Cloud. This comes as a long awaited conclusion to the license battle between the two companies due to the change to the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Updates announced for Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer; JFrog Xray updates; Sysdig and Snyk announce partnership

Recently, Amazon announced new features being added to Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, a developer tool that works to detect security vulnerabilities in code and provides intelligent recommendations to improve code quality. These updates include:  A new Detector Library that describes the detectors that CodeGuru Reviewer uses when looking for possible defects and includes code samples for … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Microsoft launches .NET Tech Community Forums; Microsoft joins Java Community Process; AWS announces Babelfish Aurora PostgreSQL

Microsoft recently announced the .NET Tech Community Forums for all .NET developer topics and discussions. To take part in this forum, developers can join the .NET tech community, choose a discussion space, start a new discussion, and collaborate with other .NET developers. The .NET Tech Community Forums also allow users to follow any topic that … continue reading Protection Status