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MIT’s 10 breakthrough technologies

MIT Technology Review has released its annual list of breakthrough technologies, and the wide-ranging innovations span a host of emerging technological and scientific fields from augmented reality and self-aware cars to Apple Pay and the Internet of DNA. The list spans 10 technologies: Magic Leap: The 3D augmented reality technology company, fresh off a US$542 … continue reading

castAR, Android Studio, Semantic UI 1.0, and an IoT kit for Raspberry Pi—SD Times news digest: Nov. 24, 2014

It has been a little more than a year since castAR raised US$1 million on Kickstarter for its augmented reality glasses, and now the company is finally ready to start shipping its first pair. The glasses will be shipped to early castAR backers. In addition, Technical Illusions, the company that developed castAR, will be in … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Sept. 19, 2014—Wolfram’s Tweet-a-Program, Android’s default encryption and virtual reality SDKs

Wolfram launches Tweet-a-Program Stephen Wolfram has announced a new Wolfram Language program, Tweet-a-Program, which allows users to compose a tweet-length Wolfram Language program. Once it’s composed and tweeted to @WolframTaP, the company’s Twitter bot will run the problem in the recently announced Wolfram Cloud and tweet back the result. “In the Wolfram Language, a little … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Augumenta projects a gesture-controlled augmented reality

Amid the mishmash of augmented and virtual reality devices being strapped to people’s heads, a new development platform looks to transform your hands into a virtual keyboard, integrating gesture control and touch-based projection into AR applications. Augumenta, a Finland-based wearables startup, debuted an SDK and developer tools defining a new user interface for smartglass devices … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Watch Your Privacy, a Google Glass app that identifies surveillance cameras

Augmented reality browser add-on for the wearable device uses open data to map surveillance cameras worldwide … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Samsung Galaxy Glass patent reveals plans to turn your fingers into a keyboard

Samsung’s wearable smartglasses project an augmented reality keyboard onto your hands … continue reading

From the Editors: Glasses are the new smartphone

Everyone better get ready for the AR explosion; native code is taking on a new meaning … continue reading

Businesses still trying to get a feel for augmented reality

As developers come up with a few examples as to how to use the technology, debate is growing over what path it will take … continue reading

An augmented view of reality

Augmented Reality is just entering the mobile marketplace, but what can it do and what potential does it have? … continue reading Protection Status