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BlackBerry and Ford drive off together

BlackBerry and Ford are cozying up to enhance the software in vehicles produced by the originator of the assembly line. Ford has agreed to license BlackBerry’s QNX embedded operating system, as well as some of BlackBerry’s security tooling. John Chen, executive chairman and CEO at BlackBerry, said, “The future of the automobile is all about … continue reading

How computers are taking the wheel

Software for cars has been increasing in complexity over the past few years. The amount of code in vehicles can reach a hundred million lines, and for the new and fast-rising self-driving vehicles, it could mean even more hundreds of million lines of code. These cars are not programmed in an “if-then” computer algorithm; instead, … continue reading

Industry Watch: Be careful what you wish for

A couple of years ago, loyal readers of this column will remember I wrote of getting into a crash with a wrong-way driver. That kicked off a column about information sharing and data management, where I posited what a wonderful world it would be if as soon as the crash occurred, the police, my body … continue reading Protection Status