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Azul announces new feature to help developers remove dead Java code

Azul has announced a new feature that catalogs the source code used by production Java applications so that unused code can be removed. Code Inventory collects detailed information about code information within the JVM to provide a report on what is used across the Java workloads running in production.  The report also includes the date … continue reading

Azul releases new capability that reduces Java warmup time

The company announced ReadyNow Orchestrator (RNO), which is a new feature that reduces Java warmup time and uses demand to determine cloud compute capacity.  “When a JVM wakes up, we believe it spends too much time profiling application usage to get the best optimizations – so we solved that when we first introduced ReadyNow. Now, … continue reading

Oracle makes significant change to its Java license

Oracle in January announced a change to its Java license that bases pricing on the number of employees in an organization, rather than on instances in use like they have in the past.  “The new Java SE Universal Subscription was developed based on feedback from our customers with Java workloads running in increasingly diverse environments. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Azul launches Intelligence Cloud; GitLab acquires Opstrace; Oracle announced OCI DevOps service; Hasura unveils new Data Hub

Azul, provider of an open source measurement tool for Java applications, today announced Azul Intelligence Cloud. This announcement brings users a new line of products that apply cloud resources to analyze and optimize Java fleets and provide actionable intelligence.   The first offering from the Intelligence Cloud is Cloud Native Compiler, bringing elasticity to Java Just … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1, Rust 1.53 released, HackerOne announces GitHub integration

Microsoft announced the first preview release of Visual Studio 2022, which the company aims to use to test and tune the scalability of the new 64-bit platform.  The Visual Studio 2022 previews can be installed side-by-side with earlier versions of Visual Studio, which are available in all three editions (Community, Pro, and Enterprise), and are … continue reading

Microsoft’s OpenJDK build now available as a preview

Microsoft has announced a preview of its build of OpenJDK, which is the open-source distribution for Java. Microsoft’s OpenJDK build includes binaries for Java 11, and the company has also released an early access binary for Java 16 for Windows on ARM.  “Java is one of the most important programming languages used today — developers … continue reading

Azul unboxes its JVM with Zing platform

Zing allows Java applications to scale as a single, large virtual machine instead of across smaller machines … continue reading Protection Status