Azul, provider of an open source measurement tool for Java applications, today announced Azul Intelligence Cloud. This announcement brings users a new line of products that apply cloud resources to analyze and optimize Java fleets and provide actionable intelligence. 

 The first offering from the Intelligence Cloud is Cloud Native Compiler, bringing elasticity to Java Just In Time compilation. The Cloud Native Compiler works to enhance the performance of Java applications in multiple compute environments, including micro-services based and cloud-native applications.  

Cloud Native Compiler works with Platform Prime, Azul’s flagship Java runtime. Cloud Native Compiler scales up and down and reuses previously optimized compilations across JVMs in order to improve the performance for all JVMs to which it connects. 

GitLab acquires Opstrace

GitLab, the DevOps Platform, recently announced its acquisition of Opstrace, an open source observability distribution. With this, GitLab brings users an integrated open source observability solution within a single application with one user interface, a unified data store, and security embedded within the DevOps lifecycle. 

With this acquisition, GitLab will focus on the developer experience and will aim to offer robust monitoring and observability capabilities that will allow organizations to lower incident rates, increase developer productivity, and lower mean-time-to-resolution.

“We are excited to further build out the GitLab DevOps Platform with Opstrace and anticipate being the first to offer an on by default, collaborative observability solution,” said Scott Williamson, chief product officer at GitLab. 

Oracle announces OCI DevOps service

Oracle, provider of software products and services, recently announced the general availability of continuous integration features from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) DevOps service. This release helps Oracle build on its continuous deployment features in order to deliver users a complete end-to-end CI/CD platform in OCI commercial regions. 

With this, developers are enabled to commit their source code to a DevOps code repository, build, and test software artifacts with a build runner, deliver artifacts to OCI repositories, and then run a deployment to OCI platforms. 

Additionally, developers now have access to a full CI/CD platform in order to simplify and improve software delivery on OCI. To read more information on this release, see here

Hasura unveils new Data Hub

Hasura, the GraphQL innovation company, announced a new Data Hub, bi-directional REST API Connectors, and support for Google Cloud. These innovations are intended to reduce the time needed to ship software, as well as provide simple onramps to GraphQL for several different organizations. 

With the new Hasure Data Hub, users can leverage the new REST Connector capabilities, enabling them to connect APIs from developer platforms to their GraphQL APIs. These platforms currently include Contentful, Elastic, Fauna, and IBM Open API.

“The new innovations announced today further enhance Hasura’s ability to make data access self-serve for teams and organizations of all sizes, regardless of where the data resides, reducing development time and accelerating software delivery to users,” said Tanmai Gopal, CEO of Hasura.