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FSF asking for feedback on its High Priority Free Software Projects list

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced a call for feedback from the community. This feedback will be used to create an update to the FSF’s High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP). According to the Foundation, the HPP initiative draws attention to specific area of development and projects of strategic importance, with the ultimate goal … continue reading

SD Times news digest: August 5, 2014—Dell’s mood-reading software, Docker sells dotCloud, BlackBerry ends restructuring, and battery-free wearables

Dell is creating mood-reading software As soon as 2017, Dell software could be reading your moods. Dell Enterprise Group CTO Jai Menon told the BBC that Dell’s research and development division is working with hardware manufacturers including Neurosky to build headsets that accurately identify the wearer’s emotional state. A pair of Dell researchers has already … continue reading Protection Status