The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced a call for feedback from the community. This feedback will be used to create an update to the FSF’s High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP).

According to the Foundation, the HPP initiative draws attention to specific area of development and projects of strategic importance, with the ultimate goal of freedom for all computer users. The list guides volunteers, developers, funders, and companies to projects that will best utilize their skills. 

“The HPP list has enormous potential, and it’s important to get feedback from the community so it reflects the current state of free software,” said Zoë Kooyman, program manager at the FSF. “The HPP list provides focus to projects and developers, as well as to supporters looking to fund free software projects. Free software is the only answer to respecting users in the increasingly digital environment we all live and work in, and the HPP list can help guide software’s continued path to freedom.”

The FSF does not control projects on the list, but uses its position in the community to bring help and attention to those projects. 

The last update to the last was based on feedback from over 150 community members. According to John Sullivan, executive director of the FSF, these community members are best equipped to “know about free software pain points. We want to hear from people what the areas are where they feel heavily pressured, or even required to use proprietary software, as well as about problems they see on the horizon as technology develops.”

Community members can send in their suggestions and ideas up through January 8, 2021.