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Bitrise to acquire Bazel-based company Flare.Build

Mobile DevOps company Bitrise has announced that it is acquiring Flare.Build, which is a company built around the Bazel build system. Bitrise will be integrating Flare.Build’s product suite into its Mobile DevOps ecosystem. According to Bitrise, this acquisition is part of the company’s larger goal to provide capabilities for managing and automating mobile operations from … continue reading

How CI/CD providers help organizations deploy speedily, securely, and stably

Senthil Nathan, product manager, HCL Software DevOps HCL Launch is the continuous delivery tool within the powerful HCL DevOps tool chain, enabling modernization for complex enterprises. Continuous delivery is one of the most efficient ways to enable development teams to focus on delivering quality software. With HCL Launch’s “deploy from anywhere to anywhere” capabilities, enterprise … continue reading

DevOps for mobile applications

Organizations building and delivering mobile applications using DevOps techniques and tooling will find there are important differences in how their processes are applied. Viktor Benei is CTO and co-founder of Bitrise, a company that offers solutions for mobile DevOps, and when asked if there were differences developing apps for mobile devices as opposed to on-premises … continue reading Protection Status