Mobile DevOps company Bitrise has announced that it is acquiring Flare.Build, which is a company built around the Bazel build system.

Bitrise will be integrating Flare.Build’s product suite into its Mobile DevOps ecosystem. According to Bitrise, this acquisition is part of the company’s larger goal to provide capabilities for managing and automating mobile operations from a single platform. 

Bazel has seen adoption from top companies like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Lyft, Uber, Slack, Tinder, and Reddit, but it can be time and resource intensive to adopt, according to Bitrise. This makes it intimidating for smaller companies with fewer resources to devote to the migration. 

By integrating Flare.Build into its portfolio, Bitrise will be able to offer customers a way to experience the benefits of Bazel quickly and effectively, while improving developer experience, increasing productivity, and increasing ROI. 

“Flare.Build’s technology, alongside our existing solutions, puts us one step closer to giving mobile product organizations everything they need to expand their mobile app capabilities from one platform, and positively influence the impact that apps have on their organizations,” said Barnabas Birmacher, CEO of Bitrise. “With this new expertise, we are providing access to the performance gains that Bazel users expect without the drastic cost usually associated with the powerful but complex tool.”