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Q&A: Why over half of developers are experiencing burnout

According to a recent report from Jellyfish, 65% of respondents said they experienced burnout in the last year.  To dig deep into why that’s happening at such a high rate, we invited the company’s CEO and co-founder, Andrew Lau, onto the latest episode of our podcast, What the Dev? Here’s an abridged and edited version … continue reading

Report: Software engineers increasingly seen as strategic business partners

The days where engineers only take orders from higher ups and complete the tasks they are told to do may be over. In today’s modern development world, software engineers are having a much more involved role in business strategy.  According to Jellyfish’s 2024 State of Engineering Management report, 90% of respondents said their engineering teams … continue reading

Combating burnout in development

Burnout is a major issue in tech, and it’s one that needs addressing. After two and a half years (or more) of remote work, poor work-life balance, lack of flexibility and more, it’s no wonder that the Great Resignation is happening and that so many developers are reporting that they’re burned out.  Forty-nine percent of … continue reading

Three steps to reduce burnout

Jennifer Akullian, founder of Growth Coaching Institute, an organization that provides coaching to tech executives and organizations, offered three steps that people can take to help alleviate or reduce burnout: RELATED CONTENT: Crunch culture can destroy development teams Sleep: Sleep deprivation mimics a mental illness. According to Akullian, for most people, when we sleep, we … continue reading

premium Crunch culture can destroy development teams

Over the past few years, as work/life balance has become more of a priority for developers, the notion of a “crunch culture” has been the subject of much discussion. Crunch has been especially prevalent in the game development industry, where game developers have come to accept that crunch is just a part of the job.  … continue reading Protection Status