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Does your release candidate have an acceptable level of risk?

Today’s DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate—instantly and continuously. Yet, as the release date looms, development teams are still focused on answering the question, “Are we done testing?” Fundamentally, this is the wrong question. It ties the concept of “quality” to static tests that … continue reading

Analyst View: IoT Software: Confluence or chaos?

Manufacturers in a wide range of product sectors are exploring and exploiting the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT). The software for IoT comes in two distinct flavors, each created and maintained by its own tribe of software engineers. First, the engineering tribe looks after the software embedded inside the product. This controls the … continue reading

Guest View: Agile should be an organization-wide initiative

Software teams that have migrated to agile processes are benefiting from better collaboration, faster release cycles and tighter QA processes. Yet for agile to reach its full potential in a software or services-based company, its practices and processes often need to extend beyond development to other areas of the business. Viewing agile as a business … continue reading

Industry Watch: Apps are the key to BPM

Here’s a statement I never thought I’d hear: “In the past, [Business Process Management] has been too much focused on process.” But that’s exactly how Miguel Valdes Faura, CEO and cofounder of Bonitasoft, views the market today: less talk about process and more about applications. After all, it is applications that use these business processes, … continue reading

API management comes of age

The acronym API has come a long way. In 1980, asking about an API meant building something for a massive corporate software package. In the 1990s it meant building with the tools for a 3D card or a sound card. Today, however, the term tends to mean just one thing: RESTful Web APIs. And what … continue reading Protection Status