Topic: cloud computing

Industry Watch: Firming up the cloud

The rush is on to take on cloud-computing services, but not everyone is so sure that it will be a growing sector in 2011 … continue reading

Year in Review: ALM

Agile and ALM drifted even closer together, and ALM took its first big steps into the cloud … continue reading

A year of broad innovation

As acquisitions dominated the headlines, numerous other important developments may have slipped under the radar … continue reading

Cloud computing is green computing

Despite advances made in efficient power consumption, cloud’s scalability is the best way to cut down on energy use … continue reading

Ravenflow helps diagram the cloud

Using natural language text input, RAVEN Cloud can generate diagrams for business processes in cloud environments … continue reading

Cloudsoft lets Spring developers go on the move

Monterey Spring Edition lets Spring developers simplify how they build, run and manage distributed applications … continue reading

CloudBees creates Java development platform in the cloud

The company is offering a Hudson-as-a-Service build system that charges by the minute instead of by the server … continue reading

Industry Watch: Revenue streams lost in the cloud?

Changes in subscription models could render once-lucrative avenues of income less profitable … continue reading

Experiments in the cloud are paying off

Developers are getting a handle on testing, customer outreach and the cloud technology itself … continue reading

Integration Watch: Hosted development: A viable option

Off-site development has the benefits of SaaS solutions, which is why companies are looking into it now more than ever … continue reading

WSO2 creates Stratos middleware for the cloud

Combined with Carbon, Stratos gives customers a fully hosted application PaaS to develop and deploy applications in the cloud … continue reading

Unify brings Win32 applications to .NET, cloud

Team Developer RAD 6.0 introduces a new compiler and a runtime for application migration … continue reading Protection Status