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New Confluent Cloud capabilities simplify data management

Data streaming company Confluent today announced new features being added to Confluent Cloud geared at ensuring data is trustworthy, easily processed, and securely shared.  Among these features is an extension of the Stream Governance suite, Data Quality Rules. With this, users can remediate any data quality issues so that their data can be relied on … continue reading

Confluent announces new capabilities to help users build a shared service platform for data streaming

Data streaming services provider Confluent today announced updates made to Confluent Cloud geared at assisting organizations in building a secured shared services platform for data streaming.  According to the company, the shared services architectural model is especially helpful today, as businesses tighten their budgets and new competition emerges almost constantly. Confluent has added OAuth support, … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Confluent Cloud adds free Apache Kafka as a Service, HackerRank’s Diversity and Inclusion Center, and Syncfusion’s new Bold BI versions

Confluent announced that Apache Kafka as a Service is available with Confluent Cloud for free and also made Kafka serverless.  With Kafka made serverless, users no longer have to worry about pre-provisioning or managing a cluster, according to Confluent. Users also get elastic scaling without having to change any configuration parameters.  “When it comes to … continue reading

SD Times news digest: WhiteSource’s software composition analysis, MapR’s AI training program, and MariaDB TX 3.0

WhiteSource has announced the launch of its software composition analysis tool, Effective Usage Analysis. The solution provides details on how software components are being used and highlights their impact on the application’s security. According to WhiteSource, the tool will reduce open-source vulnerability alerts by 70 percent.   “Our Effective Usage Analysis technology allows security and … continue reading

SD Times new digest: Confluent Cloud, React 16.2 and Advanced Android Development course

Confluent has announced that Confluent Cloud is now available and ready for enterprise production workloads. It offers a 99.95 percent SLA, making it highly reliable. Key features of Confluent Cloud include the latest Apache Kafka version, high throughput streaming rate, optional support for multiple availability zones, full support for clients offered by Confluent, and a … continue reading Protection Status