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Cisco acquires ContainerX

Cisco is headed into the container market. The technology company announced plans to acquire the container startup ContainerX, marking Cisco’s first entry into the emerging container space. “Many of our customers are starting to use containers to build, deploy and manage cloud native applications,” wrote Rob Salvagno, vice president of corporate business development at Cisco. … continue reading

New container platform launched by ContainerX

ContainerX this morning released its eponymous product, a multi-tenant container platform targeted at enterprises. The platform offers hosting of many varieties and types: public-facing, private-facing, containers, virtual machines and bare metal. Kiran Kamity, CEO and cofounder of ContainerX, said that he wants the platform to be a “vSphere-like product for the container market.” He said … continue reading

ContainerX wants to bring containers to the data center

Docker has simplified the way developers work with containers, but one company thinks containers have the potential to go beyond developers to enterprise IT. ContainerX, founded by veterans from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, is a startup aimed at transforming containers from a development tool to the building blocks of the next generation of data centers. … continue reading Protection Status