Topic: dark data

Report: More than 50 percent of data remains in the dark

A majority of organizations are vulnerable to hack attacks because they are still in the dark when it comes to their data. A newly released report reveals more than half of all data within organizations remains unclassified or untagged, which results in an organization’s inability to assess the risk or value of more than half … continue reading

Splunk: Many organizations are hosting “dark data”

Despite the effort being placed on gathering data, it seems that most organizations still aren’t utilizing data properly once they have it. According to Splunk’s State of Dark Data Report, a lot of organizations have “dark data” — data that the organization is unaware of or unable to find, prepare, analyze, or use. The report … continue reading

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub

#1: Alamofire Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift. Think of it as AFNetworking, reimagined for the conventions of this new language but coexisting within the same codebase. Named after the Alamo fire flower, the library has features such as chainable request and response methods and JSON parameter encoding. We featured #2: Google … continue reading Protection Status