#1: Alamofire
Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift. Think of it as AFNetworking, reimagined for the conventions of this new language but coexisting within the same codebase. Named after the Alamo fire flower, the library has features such as chainable request and response methods and JSON parameter encoding.

We featured #2: Google I/O Source Code in an SD Times news digest.

#3: HTML5 device mockups
Exactly what they sound like. Created by a developer who calls himself PixelSign, these mockups, used on a website or splash screen, can display photos and screenshots, illustrations, and slideshows or videos and JavaScript apps. The HTML5 mockups also maintain device aspect ratio and pack multiple color schemes, orientations and integrations.

#4: Mitro Password Manager
Mitro saves all your passwords, synchronizes them across all your devices, and lets you share them with others. It has extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari; mobile apps for iOS and Android; and a server to perform the synchronization. That about covers it.

#5: Textract
Textract can, as its name would suggest, extract text from any document. Developed by Dean Malmgren. Textract provides a single interface for extracting useful embedded content or “dark data” from any file for further textual analysis or visualization without irrelevant markup.