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The NCSA expands annual Data Privacy Day into Data Privacy Week

Even in a society so heavily reliant on the internet, millions of people remain ignorant of who has access to their personal information on the web–and what can be done with that information. This year, the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) has expanded its annual Data Privacy Day into Data Privacy Week. The event runs from … continue reading

Data Privacy Day serves as reminder for consumers to protect their data online

Almost 500 million individuals had their information involved in a data breach in the last couple of years, yet many consumers still don’t have a handle on who has access to their data and what they’re doing with it.  The theme of this year’s International Data Privacy Day, which is held by the National Cybersecurity … continue reading

Data Privacy Day 2020: Data protection still falling short

With current data regulations in place like the CCPA and GDPR, it’s hard to imagine data privacy not being a top priority for companies. But unfortunately that’s still not the case, and companies still struggle to make it a priority. To remind companies to practice good data hygiene and privacy, Data Privacy Day is celebrated … continue reading

Data Privacy Day highlights the growing importance of data protection

The importance of data privacy is more evident than ever on today’s National Data Privacy Day, created to raise awareness of privacy and data protection best practices. “As we continually share more data on our connected devices, businesses are collecting and using this personal information more than ever before. Just think about everything we do … continue reading

National Cyber Security Alliance celebrates Data Privacy Day with tips for businesses

Connected and intelligent devices such those used in the Internet of Things are putting more data online, which is worrisome for Internet users. Many feel that companies are losing control over how personal data is collected. “The most challenging issue today is that the technology ecosystem is extremely complex and constantly evolving, making it even … continue reading Protection Status