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Domo’s App Studio provides simple no-code interface for automating business processes

The BI company Domo has just announced the release of its no-code app platform, App Studio, designed to enable any business user to automate their business processes with easy-to-create apps. It was previously in beta and is now officially generally available.  Users can heavily personalize their apps by creating them in the studio, which offers … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Stable Jetpack Wear OS libraries, Domo Sandbox, and new Sentry capabilities

Android recently announced the delivery of the first five stable Jetpack Wear OS libraries. These include: wear, wear-input, wear-ongoing, wear-phone-interactions, and wear-remote-interactions. The wear library allows users to lay out elements in an arch and write curved text in order to support the curvature of round watches. In addition, wear-input identifies and interacts with hardware … continue reading Protection Status