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Companies still need to work on security fundamentals to win in the supply chain security fight

Though this is technically a “Buyer’s Guide” by SD Times terminology, let’s preface this article by remembering that buying a piece of software isn’t the key to fixing all security issues. If there was some magical security solution that could be installed to instantly fix all security problems, we wouldn’t be seeing a year-over-year increase … continue reading

Forrester shares its top 10 emerging technology trends for 2024

Forrester is revealing its top 10 emerging technology trends for 2024, which is a list it puts together every year based on the trends its analysts are seeing. According to Brian Hopkins, VP of the emerging tech portfolio at Forrester, the evolution of AI agents is the most exciting development this year. AI agents are … continue reading

Forrester predicts three possible outcomes for the future of low-code

Forrester sees three possible futures for the low-code market: it will either keep going on its current trajectory, be accelerated by AI, or be slowed by AI as developers do more coding tasks with an AI assistant and don’t need the productivity gains of low-code as much.  This is according to Forrester’s Low-Code And Digital … continue reading

Generative AI and its related technologies top Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023

Every year, the analyst firm Forrester puts out a list of 10 emerging technologies for the year. This year, perhaps unsurprisingly, the list is packed with AI-related technologies.  “Generative AI’s dominance of this year’s list will come as a surprise to no one, given the astounding capabilities that everyone can observe in the many publicly … continue reading

Software intelligence is key to creating better applications

Development teams are always on a mission to create better quality software, be more efficient, and please their users as much as possible. The introduction of AI into the development pipeline makes this possible, from software intelligence to AI-assisted development tools. Both can work hand in hand to reach the same goal, but there’s a … continue reading

Value stream management provides predictability in unpredictable times

In 2019, most business leaders probably wouldn’t have predicted the changes that would be coming their way in early 2020 thanks to a global pandemic. If they had, perhaps they would have been able to make decisions more proactively and wouldn’t have had to scramble to convert their workforce to remote, digitize all their experiences, … continue reading

SD Times Q&A: Five things to look for in 2023

This time of year, organizations take stock of the year that’s ending and then strategize about what they want to accomplish in the year ahead. Forrester research director for software development Chris Gardner spoke with SD Times editor-in-chief David Rubinstein to talk about what they’re seeing for 2023. This is a transcript of that conversation, … continue reading

Modern app dev is about more than tools, platforms and languages

Today’s application development is a complex landscape of services, integrations and architectures. In fact, most developers today spend more time writing API calls and finding open-source projects – and maintaining those applications once they’re created – than they do writing code for innovative new features. It looks nothing like “your father’s app dev,” which involved … continue reading

Report: Fully automated testing remains elusive for organizations

Despite the growing complexity of the software that drives organizations, few companies have fully automated testing or are using AI, according to new research conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Keysight.  For the study, Forrester conducted an online survey in December 2021 that involved 406 test operations decision-makers at organizations in North America, EMEA, and … continue reading

RPA: Handling mundane tasks, freeing up developers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a useful tool for many organizations. Despite the initial fear that it would grow to take over the jobs of developers, many have come to see that RPA and automation only function well when they work in tandem with developers.  According to Yishai Beeri, growth technologies lead at LinearB, … continue reading

Report: Over half of developers feel that current security policies stifle innovation

Just over half of developers feel that security policies stifle their innovation and only about a third of developers reported that they are thoroughly educated on the security procedures they are expected to execute, according to a new report by VMware and Forrester.  Forrester conducted a VMware-commissioned survey called “Bridging the Developer and Security Divide” … continue reading

Forrester: 5 key advances driving AI 2.0

The move AI 2.0 is being driven by five areas of AI advancement, according to a new report from analyst firm Forrester. “Though you’ve likely never heard of them, these AI 2.0 advances are already entering commercial products, and forward-looking enterprises need to start preparing if they want to reap their competitive advantages,” the report … continue reading Protection Status