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Developer trains artificial neural network to play Mario Kart 64

Holiday breaks are a good time to catch up on relaxing, reading, or maybe indulging in some video gaming. Kevin Hughes did just that over his winter break, only it wasn’t he who was playing the games: It was an artificial neural network he trained using TensorFlow. Hughes is a senior developer at Shopify, and … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Software is shifting cultural norms

Software is everywhere, eating industries, changing lives and connecting people. But some of the subtler ways in which software is eating the world are not entirely obvious at first glance. Who knew that Twitter was so important to revolutionaries until the Arab Spring, for example? Sure, we all know that software makes our bank accounts … continue reading

New platforms from AWS for game developers, Safer Internet Day 2016, and an IoT SDK from C-Labs—SD Times new digest: Feb. 9, 2016

Amazon has announced that Amazon Lumberyard, a free, cross-platform 3D game engine for developers, is available to download in beta for PC and console developers. (Mobile and VR versions are coming soon.) Non-technical game developers can add cloud-connected features to a game through a drag-and-drop GUI, and other game developers can connect their games to … continue reading Protection Status