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GitHub announces archive program, mobile experience and improved code search at GitHub Universe

GitHub wants to provide a better user experience for developers. The company made a number of announcements surrounding daily experience, the open source community and the cloud at its annual GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco this week. As part of its announcements, both GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages are now out of beta. GitHub … continue reading

GitHub Universe 2018 zeros in on the future of software development

GitHub is giving developers new tools to advance development workflows and break down silos. The company announced GitHub Actions and GitHub Connect at its annual developer conference GitHub Universe 2018 in San Francisco this week. “Together, you are not only defining the future of software but the future of the businesses, industries, and communities that … continue reading

GitHub cranks up project management

GitHub announced today at its developer conference the arrival of some long-awaited project-management features to its source-code-management platform. Among these new features are granular repository access via APIs, first-class project-management tools, and a beta-form redesigned API. Connor Sears, senior director of product design at GitHub, said in a keynote at the GitHub Universe conference that … continue reading Protection Status