GitHub wants to provide a better user experience for developers. The company made a number of announcements surrounding daily experience, the open source community and the cloud at its annual GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco this week.

As part of its announcements, both GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages are now out of beta. GitHub Actions is the company’s automation and customization workflow solution. GitHub Packages, formerly known as GitHub Package Registry, enables users to publish and consume packages safely within an organization or globally. As part of the GitHub Packages release, proxy support has been added for the primary NPM registry.

“We’ve made GitHub Actions and Packages a part of every developer account with included minutes, storage, and data transfer—and it’s free for all public repositories. You can use Actions to automatically publish new package versions to GitHub Packages, trigger package installs with Actions, and install packages and images hosted on GitHub Packages or your preferred registry of record with minimal configurations,” Shanku Niyogi, senior vice president of product at GitHub, wrote in a blog post.

For daily experience, the company revealed a beta version of GitHub for mobile. The new solution enables users to stay connected with teams on the go. Mobile capabilities will include ability to share feedback, review code and merge changes. The solution is available for iOS, with support for Android coming soon.

Code search has been released as a limited beta. It aims to provide developers with a new code search experience.

Other daily experience features announced included the limited beta of notifications with custom filters; the introduction of code navigation with jump to definition and find all references features; the beta of code review assignment; and the limited beta of scheduled reminders.

Additionally, GitHub announced the GitHub Archive Program, a new solution that enables developers to preserve public repositories. “What will software look like 1,000 years from now? What will humanity look like? We can only guess. But we can help make sure that today’s most important building blocks make it to tomorrow. Our world is powered by open source software. It’s a hidden cornerstone of our civilization, and the shared heritage of all humanity. The mission of the GitHub Archive Program is to preserve it for generations to come,” Niyogi wrote.

Other announcements included that open-source projects can receive funding with GitHub Sponsors, and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.19 has been released with more security features, dependency graph support, improved community and project management, and new developer productivity tools.