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SD Times news digest: jQuery 3.4, Google’s AI Platform, and Rasa’s Series A funding

JQuery has announced the release of jQuery 3.4. The team has stated that this will be the last release in the 3.x branch, and it will begin working on jQuery 4.0. It has made improvements to the process of getting and setting dimensions, added support for “nonce” and “nomodule,” and fixed the expected state for … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google’s PAIR progress, SpaceVim 1.0.0, and LG Electronics joins lawsuit against Qualcomm

In 2017, Google founded its People + AI Research (PAIR) team in order to conduct research and develop new technology that would facilitate productive partnerships between humans and artificial intelligence. Over the course of the last year, PAIR has worked to create a design library, talk more about AI across different disciplines, and create open-source … continue reading

Google lays out seven principles for AI applications

Google has long been using AI to make its products more useful, and now it is releasing its list of seven AI principles it will follow in assessing AI. The seven principles are:  AI has to benefit society, taking into account a range of social and economic factors. It will only proceed with technology when … continue reading

First public draft of Artificial Intelligence and Games textbook now available

Artificial intelligence research has seen a lot progress over the years, moving from simply understanding images and speech to actually detecting emotions, driving cars, searching the web, and playing games. Because of these advancements, two AI experts decided to write an Artificial Intelligence and Games book, which will serve as the first comprehensive textbook on … continue reading Protection Status