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Grace Hopper Celebration is more than just a tech conference

Two years ago, Lin Classon was attending a tech conference when she discovered the one perk of gender inequality in the tech industry: empty bathrooms. She took to Twitter, saying “Something serious for 1sec. Every ladies room I’ve been in was near empty. Although I’m grateful for the gender inequality that affords me quiet, empty … continue reading

Fullstack unveils the Grace Hopper Academy

A new coding school dedicated to combating gender disparity in the technology field has launched. The Grace Hopper Academy, named after computer science pioneer Grace Hopper, is an all-women school designed to provide high-quality education with no upfront cost. The new school comes out of the Fullstack Academy, a coding school based out of New … continue reading

Android for virtual reality, getting girls into programming, and Apache Tajo version 0.10—SD Times news digest: March 9, 2015

Google is reportedly building a new version of Android specifically for virtual reality. The Wall Street Journal reported the company already has a team of developers creating a new operating system designed to run virtual reality applications. According to the WSJ sources, Google plans to deliver the new version of Android for free. The operating … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Watch Grace Hopper’s 1986 interview with David Letterman

Rear Admiral Grace “Amazing Grace” Hopper passed away in 1992, but the WWII veteran, pioneering computer scientist and original COBOL programming language developer inspires women in computer science to this day, through the Grace Hopper Conference, Grace Hopper Open Source Day, and even a forthcoming documentary on her life. (Related: Filmmakers crowdfund Grace Hopper documentary) … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Oct. 10, 2014—Nadella apologies raise comment,’s Innovation Challenge in India, and Rust 0.12

Microsoft’s Nadella backtracks comment about women’s pay raises Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has gotten a lot of grief over comments he made at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference yesterday. When asked what advice he would give to women who are uncomfortable asking for a raise, he stated: “It’s not really about … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Filmmakers crowdfund Grace Hopper documentary

“Born with Curiosity” will chronicle the life and achievements of the U.S. Navy admiral and programming pioneer … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Where are the women in software?

One female software engineer sets out to find exactly how many women there are in software, and if it is scarcer than thought … continue reading Protection Status