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Io-Tahoe enables smart data discovery for sensitive data in latest release

Data company Io-Tahoe announced today at Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Summit the latest version of its Smart Data Discovery platform Smart Streaming Discovery. According to the company, this release introduces the ability to perform real-time data discovery on a range of streaming data. This will enable customers to discover personally identifiable information (PII) and … continue reading

SD Times news digest: TensorFlow 1.4, Prometheus 2.0 and Altova’s MobileTogether 4.0

Google has announced the release of TensorFlow 1.4. TensorFlow is an open-source software library for machine intelligence. As part of this release, the machine learning framework Keras is becoming part of the core package. Keras integrates with other core parts of TensorFlow including the Estimator API. The Dataset API has also been added to the … continue reading Protection Status