Data company Io-Tahoe announced today at Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Summit the latest version of its Smart Data Discovery platform Smart Streaming Discovery.

According to the company, this release introduces the ability to perform real-time data discovery on a range of streaming data. This will enable customers to discover personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data “in motion” and allow for “continuous data governance and regulatory compliance.”

“Organizations have increasing streaming data year on year from internal and external sources,” said Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO of Io-Tahoe. “The ability to proactively capture data from these sources, which may be continuously streamed into the data lake, for example, supports data loss prevention strategies with increased PII detection, reducing the potential risk or data exposure, while providing greater control and visibility over all enterprise data.”

The solution will be able to discover PII and other sensitive data, whether it is in structured, semi-structured, or certain unstructured formats, from a variety of sources, such as relational data stores, data warehouses, data lakes, and the cloud.

Io-Tahoe explained that the platform uses a deep learning technique to tag data as sensitive, which allows experts to devote their time to remediation activities instead.

“Not only will organizations know what data they have and where it is located, they will now have the ability to understand what data is sensitive and flag it before it lands in data stores,” said Rohit Mahajan, chief technology and product officer at Io-Tahoe. “This real-time insight is invaluable for businesses to proactively manage PII and sensitive data as opposed to discovering such data after it lands in the target data source.”