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SD Times news digest: Apple’s transparency report on customer data, Sony’s tech startup fund, and GitLab ends support for MySQL

Apple released its latest report showing that most of U.S. requests to access customer data by the government and private parties have to do with stolen device and fraud investigations. The report also outlined similar requests its receives worldwide. The data shows that Germany made the most requests at 12,343 and Apple provided data for … continue reading

Guest View: A new approach to personal data discovery

Why do we seem to emulate the ostrich and put our heads in the sand when it comes to personally identifiable information (PII) discovery? Every other technology throughout history that I can think of has undergone multiple phases of evolution, including anti-virus, perimeter security, cell phones, the car – I could go on. So please … continue reading

Io-Tahoe enables smart data discovery for sensitive data in latest release

Data company Io-Tahoe announced today at Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Summit the latest version of its Smart Data Discovery platform Smart Streaming Discovery. According to the company, this release introduces the ability to perform real-time data discovery on a range of streaming data. This will enable customers to discover personally identifiable information (PII) and … continue reading

Preparing for the GDPR in the eleventh hour

If digital businesses haven’t already been preparing for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the time is now. The regulation was adopted in April of 2016 and will officially go into effect on May 25, 2018. Despite the advance notice and warnings given, the range of GDPR preparedness is still very broad, according … continue reading Protection Status