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Mobile in 2014: Going beyond smartphones and tablets

In 2014, “mobile” evolved into a more widely unified and interconnected concept. The last several years have seen smartphones, tablets and mobile apps take control of how we consume and compute information, redefining how we communicate with each other. A train with that much momentum doesn’t stop when the market reaches its peak; it barrels … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Smartphones are about to become obsolete

We go through technology cycles, and often things that are incredibly popular evaporate over time. Eight-track tape players gave way to cassettes, which gave way to iPods, which gave way to iPhones and iPads. You might recall products like the Motorola Razr that folks lusted for, but that entire class of phone is largely gone … continue reading

SD Times Blog: The new Microsoft

For your edification, the term “pink slip,” which has largely fallen out of favor due to our paperless offices, originates with the Ford Motor Corporation. While there is only word-of-mouth evidence out there, the term is said to have come from slips that were placed in worker cubbyholes at the end of each day. White … continue reading

Satya Nadella announces Office for iPad, Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft lays out cloud-for-mobile strategy for end users, developers and IT at press event … continue reading

Apple announces free OS X Mavericks release, new iPads, Mac Pro

Aside from Mavericks, the major announcement was the Mac Pro, a small computer with a powerful chipset … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Apple’s big announcement tomorrow: Real and rumored

New versions of the iPhone and iOS are expected to be announced, but what else could possibly be coming? … continue reading

Top 10 software-development productivity apps for iPads and iPhones

These programs will boost your team’s efficiency and coherence, especially if you’re using Scrum … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: High-PPI displays, coming to a desktop near you

Market trends indicate that desktops and laptops will be seeing higher pixels-per-inch screens by 2013 … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: In the iPad 3 era, pay attention to the pixels-per-inch

Screens are getting denser, which means your Web developers must grapple with this coming issue … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: SQL Server 2012 is not the new iPad

But like the iPad 3, you should only upgrade to the latest SQL Server right away if you really need to … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Microsoft’s iHeel

Apple has won the enthusiasm battle for smartphones and can use that advantage to encroach on Microsoft’s turf … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Read SD Times on your iPad

SD Times is introducing a Newsreader for the iPad, fresh on the heels of the Newsreader for the iPhone … continue reading Protection Status