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JNBridge bridges the gap between Azure Logic Apps and JMS-based messaging infrastructure

A new solution wants to end the process of building custom connectors for Microsoft Azure Logic Apps and existing legacy infrastructure. Java and .NET interoperability provider JNBridge announced the R&D Showcase Kit, a new solution designed to solve interoperability issues between Azure Logic Apps and existing JMS-based messaging infrastructure. Azure Logic Apps enable business process … continue reading

Java tool providers demonstrate updates at JavaOne

At JavaOne this week, a number of software tool providers announced and demonstrated updates to their offerings. Automated software testing solutions provider Parasoft demonstrated new features in an update to its Jtest tool. A next-generation Unit Test Assistant for Java is designed to help developers more efficiently write JUnit unit tests by guiding them through … continue reading

Visual Studio 2017 gets new integrations

Now that Visual Studio 2017 is officially generally available, companies are making sure they add to support to their existing solutions. JNBridge announced the release of JNBridgePro 8.1 to ensure compatibility with VS2017. JNBridge Pro connects any Java and .NET framework-based components so they work together, and delivers full access to .NET classes from Java … continue reading

JNBridgePro 8.0 focuses on cross-platform interoperability between Java and .NET frameworks

JNBridge is giving developers a new way to work with software frameworks in JNBridgePro 8.0. JNBridgePro is the company’s general-purpose Java and .NET interoperability tool. The latest release enables cross-platform overrides for extending software frameworks. “What we have done is provide a way to very naturally override behaviors across platforms in a way that was … continue reading

JNBridge helps developers build Java apps using the Play Framework

JNBridge wants to tackle interoperability problems between Java and .NET in its latest R&D Lab. JNBridge’s R&D Labs are designed to give developers a way to explore, experiment and expand on new frameworks and technologies. The company has announced a Play Framework lab that aims to help developers avoid interoperability pitfalls and build Web apps … continue reading

Visual Studio 2013: The Buyers Guide

Companies weigh in on Visual Studio 2013, and we list companies and products you should consider … continue reading

JNBridgePro 7.0 supports Mono on Linux

Venerable interoperability enabler brings .NET to Linux and tackles “bitness” confusion … continue reading

Bridges built to Hadoop, product-line engineering

JNBridge, BigLever roll out software to bring Java-based Hadoop to .NET developers, ALM tools into PLE framework … continue reading

Bridging Java and .NET, in the clouds and on the ground

JNBridgePro 6.0 brings interoperability through adapters and proxies … continue reading

JNBridge hopes ‘Lightning’ strikes cloud users

Lightning was created to allow services to be written in any language and to run on any platform at any time … continue reading Protection Status