At JavaOne this week, a number of software tool providers announced and demonstrated updates to their offerings.

Automated software testing solutions provider Parasoft demonstrated new features in an update to its Jtest tool. A next-generation Unit Test Assistant for Java is designed to help developers more efficiently write JUnit unit tests by guiding them through the process. Further, Parasoft is helping Spring developers with the release of support for Spring Boot, with annotation- and XML-based Spring configurations.

Also, support for mocking has been extended to PowerMock, which the company said will give more flexibility when isolating code under test. Full IntelliJ support and JUnit 5 support are expected in the first quarter of next year.

JNBridge introduced Java.VS, a plug-in to Microsoft’s IDE that allows developers to write Java code in Visual Studio.

According to the company, Java.VS includes a Java code editor, adds a Java project system, enables Java developers to use the VS build system and debugger interface and lets coders launch Java applications against any standard Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

ZeroTurnaround was showing JRebel 7.1.0 with full Java 9 support at the conference. Simon Maple, director of developer relations for the company, explained that the new version of JRebel supports reloading on JDK9 and as changes to the application are made at runtime.

“One thing that has not changed with Java 9 is the continued inability to support reloading class changes at runtime – without having to restart or redeploy your application. Redeploys continue to be a time sink, resulting in lost developer productivity, usually hours of time every week. Incorporating JRebel into your Java 9 development tool chain allows you to skip the time-consuming build and redeploy steps. JRebel supports reloading classes so you get the benefit of being able to do full class reloading during development, without the need for restarting or redeploying your application,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround.