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Parasoft offers new capabilities for API, microservices, and accessibility testing in latest release

The software testing company Parasoft has announced new updates for API, microservices, and accessibility testing. For API testing, the company is using AI to offer auto-parameterization of API scenario tests generated by the OpenAI integration.  According to Parasoft, this update will streamline the process of developing test scenarios that validate data flow.  In the realm … continue reading

Parasoft introduces new C and C++ testing solution

The software testing company Parasoft has announced a new testing solution for C and C++ applications. C/C++test CT was designed specifically to meet the needs of safety and security critical embedded applications. It integrates into existing development and CI/CD workflows, and features a command-line interface for running tests.  It also integrates with open source testing … continue reading

premium The promise of generative AI in low-code, testing

Over the past year, software companies have worked hard to incorporate generative AI into their products, doing whatever it takes to incorporate the latest technology and stay competitive.  One software category that is particularly well-suited to being boosted by AI is low code, as that is already a market that has a goal of making … continue reading

Parasoft enhances its Continuous Quality Platform around API testing, virtualization

Parasoft’s Continuous Quality Platform updates in version 2023.2 cover three main themes – a focus on continuous innovation, continuing to strengthen its core components, and addressing customer feedback and loyalty. Under the theme of continuous innovation, Grigori Trofimov, a senior solutions engineer at Parasoft, said the update introduces integrations with generative AI capabilities through LLMs … continue reading

Buyers Guide: AI and the evolution of test automation

Test automation has undergone quite an evolution in the decades since it first became possible.  Yet despite the obvious benefits, the digitalization of the software development industry has created some new challenges. It comes down to three big things, according to Kevin Parker, vice president of product at Appvance. The first is velocity and how … continue reading

A guide to automated testing tools

The following is a listing of automated testing tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDERS APPVANCE is the leader in generative AI for Software Quality.  Its premier product AIQ is an AI-native, unified software quality platform that delivers unprecedented levels of productivity to accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise.   Leveraging generative … continue reading

How Cox Automotive found value in automated testing

How does a quality organization run? And how does it deliver a quality product for consumers? According to Roya Montazeri, senior director of test and quality at Cox Automotive, no one tool or approach can solve the quality problem. Cox Automotive portfolios, she said, is a specialized software company that addresses the buying, selling, trading … continue reading

ASTQ Summit brings together test practitioners to discuss implementing automation

Is automated testing worth the expense? Real test practitioners will show how test automation solved many of their quality issues when the Automated Software Testing and Quality one-day virtual event returns on May 16. Produced by software testing company Parasoft, among the topics to be discussed are metrics, how automation can significantly cut test time, … continue reading

AI in API and UI software test automation

Artificial intelligence is one of the digital marketplace’s most overused buzzwords. The term “AI” conjures up images of Alexa or Siri, computer chess opponents, and self-driving cars.  AI can help humans in a variety of ways, including reducing errors and automating repetitive tasks. Software test automation tools are maturing and have incorporated AI and machine learning … continue reading

Speed – and other stuff – drives the need for test automation

It started with working from home. That’s what fired off the rocket of digital transformation. People who converted to virtual interactions with their customers did well, and those who didn’t suffered. But to do so, and keep up with those virtual competitors, often meant exposing things before they were ready, or even fully thought out. … continue reading

A guide to automated testing tools

The following is a listing of automated testing tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDERS mabl is the enterprise SaaS leader of intelligent, low-code test automation that empowers high-velocity software teams to embed automated end-to-end tests into the entire development lifecycle. Customer-centric brands rely on mabl’s unified platform for creating, managing, and … continue reading

How these companies can help with your automated testing initiatives

We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with automated testing. Their responses are below Darrel Farris, manager of solutions engineering at mabl Software development teams are realizing that automated testing is key to accelerating product velocity and reaching the full potential of DevOps. When fully integrated into … continue reading

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