The software testing company Parasoft has announced a new testing solution for C and C++ applications. C/C++test CT was designed specifically to meet the needs of safety and security critical embedded applications.

It integrates into existing development and CI/CD workflows, and features a command-line interface for running tests. 

It also integrates with open source testing frameworks such as GoogleTest, Boost.Test, and CppUnit. According to Parasoft, this provides customers with more flexibility in how they meet their testing needs. 

Another benefit of C/C++test CT is that it features automated code coverage to meet compliance needs and offers comprehensive reporting on the progress of tests.  

“Feedback from our lead C++ developers about the integration of Parasoft C/C++ CT was enthusiastic, concluding that the new product improves developer satisfaction and efficiency, providing a seamless coverage experience fully integrated with VS Code. Additionally, our panel highlighted how Parasoft C/C++ CT enables cleaner and more flexible integration as a coverage tool, thanks to its modularized nature,” said one of Parasoft’s customers, a multinational engineering and technology company.