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Linux Foundation launches Open Metaverse Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced the formation of the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) for the purpose of providing a collaborative environment for a variety of industries to build open-source software and standards for an inclusive, global, vendor-neutral, and scalable Metaverse. “We’re still in the early days of the vision for an open Metaverse, and we recognize … continue reading

Report: Indirect dependencies are increasingly causing trouble for organizations

Dependencies in open-source packages are ripe with the potential to contain vulnerabilities. It’s one thing to try to manage that when you know what those dependencies are, but what about the ones that you’re less aware of?   Only 18% of respondents to a joint survey conducted by Snyk and the Linux Foundation said they are … continue reading

Linux Foundation, CNCF, and Ethical Intelligence partner on new ethics in open-source course

The Linux Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), and Ethical Intelligence have all partnered up to create a free online course on ethics in open-source development.  It is designed for developers looking to apply ethics to their coding practice, and for product managers looking to incorporate ethics-by-design technology into their workflows.  According to the Linux … continue reading

Linux Foundation releases data on the most widely used open-source application libraries

The Linux Foundation and Harvard’s Lab for Innovation Science have teamed up to educate developers and security professionals on what the most widely used open-source application libraries are. The report, Census II, is a follow-up to Census I, which was conducted in 2015 to identify the packages in Debian Linux that were most critical to … continue reading

Report: Fewer than half of companies are creating or using a software bill of materials

Despite recent events, like the discovery of the Log4j vulnerability late last year, that have highlighted the need for companies to have insight into what open source components they are utilizing, and what versions, fewer than half of companies have a software bill of materials (SBOMs) in place. This is according to a report by … continue reading

Report: 82% of people feel welcome in the open-source community while barriers persist for underrepresented groups

While 82% of respondents to a recent survey by the Linux Foundation stated that they feel welcome in the open-source community, the remaining 18% came primarily from disproportionately underrepresented groups including people with disabilities, transgender people, and racial and ethnic minorities in North America.  The study “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Open Source” included the … continue reading

DevOps Bootcamp launches to reduce barrier to entry for technology roles

The Linux Foundation and Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) have teamed up to help reduce the barrier to entry for various technology roles. Through their new DevOps Bootcamp, students can learn the necessary knowledge and skills to practice DevOps in different roles. According to The Linux Foundation’s 2021 Open Source Jobs report, 88% of technology professionals … continue reading

New Linux research division launches to explore open source ecosystems

The Linux Foundation has launched a new research division to look at the impact of open source. Linux Foundation Research aims to broaden the understanding of open source projects, ecosystems, and impact by looking at open source collaboration. “As we continue in our mission to collectively build the world’s most critical open infrastructure, we can … continue reading

SD Times news digest: AsyncAPI joins Linux Foundation, LG closes mobile phone business, and Python 3.9.4 and 3.8.9

AsyncAPI is joining the Linux Foundation to make sure AsyncAPI stays neutral and is driven by those who are dedicated to the product. The project aims to unify all of the API specifications and to enable developers to use its tooling together with their existing OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC definitions. Another goal is to enable … continue reading

Google to fund two full-time Linux kernel security developers

Google and the Linux Foundation have announced plans to maintain and improve Linux’s long-term security. As part of the plan, the organizations will prioritize funds to underwrite long-time Linux kernel maintainers Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor as full-time developers focused on Linux kernel security development.  This decision follows a survey by the Linux Foundation’s Open … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Grafana Cloud unveils free plan, Cockroach Labs’ $160 million funding, and Blueprint launches RPA platform migration

Grafana announced a new free plan that gives users access to Prometheus and Graphite for metrics, Loki for logs, and Tempo for tracing integrated into Grafana.  “With Grafana Cloud, you get a service managed by the maintainers of these leading open source projects, whose deep knowledge allows us to run them efficiently at scale better … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Linux Foundation to host Servo web engine, Postman public workspaces beta launched, and split diffs added in GitHub Desktop

The Linux Foundation has announced it will now host the Servo web engine. Servo is an open source, high-performance browser engine that is designed for both application and embedded use and is written in the Rust programming language. “The Linux Foundation’s track record for hosting and supporting the world’s most ubiquitous open source technologies makes … continue reading

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