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Cleansing email lists will help preserve your sender reputation score

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels out there. Compared to social media, where you are dependent upon the company’s algorithm treating your content favorably, email marketing can more effectively get your content in front of your audience. Email has an average open rate of 21.73% and an average click-through rate of 3.57%, … continue reading

Melissa partners with Esri to improve customer insights from location data

The data quality company Melissa has announced it is teaming up with Esri, the location technology company behind ArcGIS.  Melissa’s business is largely based on doing address verification, and its Global Address Verification tool verifies addresses in real time, which helps retailers reduce costs associated with failed delivery. It also offers useful features like autocompletion, … continue reading

While most companies focus on data, only about 16% are ‘data-driven’

The Data Quality 2023 Study study reveals that a significant 34% of the organizations responding are at the ‘Data Aware’ stage, indicating they are in the initial phases of recognizing the importance of data but have not yet fully integrated it into their decision-making processes.  However, the most advanced stage, ‘Data Driven’, where data is … continue reading

Using GPS location to obtain or target physical locations

It’s easy to convert a physical address, like 12 Main Street, into its latitude and longitude coordinates, but for many businesses there are situations where you’d want to do the opposite: get the closest physical address of those coordinates. “No one says let’s pull up the property value for latitude 42, longitude 80. They say … continue reading

Achieving a 360-degree Customer View with Custom Matching Strategies

There are many reasons why duplicate entries might end up in a database, and it’s important that companies have a way to deal with those to ensure their customer data is as accurate as possible.   In Episode 5 of the SD Times Live! Microwebinar series of data verification, Tim Sidor, data quality analyst at data … continue reading

Achieving the “Golden Record” for a 360-degree Customer View

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies who work with large amounts of data is that their databases may end up with several instances of duplicate records, leading to an inaccurate overall picture of their customers.  According to Tim Sidor, data quality analyst at Melissa, there are a number of reasons why duplicate records … continue reading

The significance of national watchlist screening

Companies in certain industries – banking, healthcare, and the like – are subject to many different regulations when it comes to things like how they store user data, required communications with customers, and what data can and can’t be collected.  For example, financial companies need to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing … continue reading

How electronic identity verification helps financial companies stay on top of regulations for preventing financial crime

Many companies need to be able to verify the identity of their customers for a variety of reasons, but for some industries this isn’t just a best practice, but rather a necessity in order to comply with regulations.  In the financial industry, for example, companies should have programs in place to meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) … continue reading

How to prevent common data quality issues

Data can be an organization’s most valuable tool, but not if your database is full of people named ‘Mickey Mouse’ or has out-of-date addresses.  According to Michael Lee, solution engineer at data verification solution provider Melissa, the most common issues that could be present in your database tend to be the simple ones, such as … continue reading

Gartner: CTOs who lack outcome-focused technology risk delayed disruption response

Recent Gartner research has revealed that by 2025, the 80% of CTOs who don’t have the correct tools in place to support business and customer needs or adapt to change will negatively impact their business response to disruption.  The research also showed that executive leaders are currently sharing unrealized dependencies that can help to meet … continue reading

Proper identity verification can result in an increased trust with your customer base

With so much data flowing through modern organizations, verifying that the information on file is correct has become increasingly more difficult.  If a company fails to verify the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of their users, the overall experience of end users will decline, and the company can end up putting itself at … continue reading

Melissa advises extending adverse media screening to improve customer due diligence

Melissa, provider of data quality; identity verification; and address management solutions, recently advised expanding negative news screening operations, also known as adverse media screening (AMS), to businesses and individuals being onboarded to financial organizations.  The company stated that AMS has become increasingly more important in customer due diligence operations, where organizations are required to perform … continue reading Protection Status