The data quality company Melissa has announced it is teaming up with Esri, the location technology company behind ArcGIS. 

Melissa’s business is largely based on doing address verification, and its Global Address Verification tool verifies addresses in real time, which helps retailers reduce costs associated with failed delivery. It also offers useful features like autocompletion, which suggests matching addresses when the user starts typing, helping to reduce keystrokes and errors. 

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Melissa customers can now utilize ArcGIS to gain customer insight and improve shopping experiences, optimize deliveries, and prevent fraud. 

In addition, by pairing up with Esri, Melissa can offer its customers Esri’s large database of accurate address information. 

“Melissa data accuracy solutions can have even greater impact on retail ecommerce operations when combined with the ArcGIS System,” said Bud Walker, chief information officer at Melissa. “Today’s online buying habits give retailers an opportunity to blend data quality with location services to foster both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for the win.”